Elastofoam machines are based on proven tested Low Pressure Foaming Technology.

Polyol and MDI are stored in separate tanks. Components are metered by means of all stainless steel non- reacting SS 316 self priming bi-directional positive displacement rotary pumps fitted with Teflon coated dry running DU bush bearings. Three piece designs make the pump easy for cleaning and maintenance.


For high viscous Polyurethane Systems, Low revolution volumetric gear pumps supported by suitable gear boxes are used to achieve maximum accuracy in output and ratio management. Both components are circulated through heat exchangers which have a bundle of steel tubes and cold water circulation facility.

Mixing Head

The heart of any PU foaming equipment is the mix head.

Elastofoam LP mix heads are designed to prevent head blockages during production. Both ISO & Polyol are kept mechanically separate inside the mix head to prevent cross contamination. Continuous recirculation of components through the mixing head keeps the flow lines clean and always operational. The internal of the mixing head is designed to achieve a homogenous mixture and laminar discharge in to the mould.

Control Panel

Control panel allows separate settings and visual display of operating parameters for both components.

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